Origin of Jackson Supply Company

Jackson Supply Company was started in Jackson, Mississippi in 1972. It became the dominate HVAC distributor in Mississippi. The company opened a small branch in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1986. In 1988, the company was sold to Mischer Corporation located in Houston, Texas. In 1990, Jim Durrett, the President of Mischer Enterprises, purchased Jackson Supply Company from the Mischer Corporation.

Expansion of Jackson Supply Company

Jackson Team
2007 Company Golf Tournament

In 1993, Jackson Supply Company began its expansion plan with the opening of a branch in Memphis, Tennessee. Today, Jackson Supply hasĀ 20 locations in 6 southern states (Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, and Oklahoma). The company is committed to adding locations and has established an aggressive expansion program.

Strong Contractor Relationships

Jackson Supply’s success is built on its desire to establish long term win-win relationships with contractors. Jackson Supply Company provides a full line of branded products at very competitive prices along with outstanding customer service. Jackson’s employees know that the company’s success depends on building strong relationships with contractors and with the contractor’s employees. Jackson succeeds when its contractors succeed. Aside from product availability and competitive pricing, Jackson is committed to providing its contractors with a most important resource: KNOWLEDGE. Due to the ever changing HVAC industry, Jackson Supply Company provides its contractors with technical and business training throughout the year. The objective is to not only have contractors who are technically proficient but contractors who are also financially successful.

Exceptional Product Availability

The number one responsibility of a distributor is to have the right product available when the contractor needs it. Jackson Supply Company has both the financial capability and the warehouse space to insure that the contractor’s needs are met. Jackson Supply has over 420,000 square feet of warehouse space across itsĀ 20 locations. Jackson’s branches are strategically located so that products can easily and cost effectively be moved from one store to another. In addition, Jackson Supply Company recognizes that each locale has special product needs based on local codes and preferences and stocks each branch accordingly.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Employees

Jackson Supply Company’s most important asset is its employees. At Jackson each employee is a worker, some also have managerial responsibilities. All of Jackson Supply’s senior management team are long-time employees who have risen from the ranks. Some started in the warehouse, some at the counter and others started in the clerical department. In Jackson’s older locations, most of the employees have been with the company for over 10 years. As Jackson Supply Company expands, new employees begin their careers with the company. While many have experience with other HVAC distributors, all new employees are trained in the Jackson Supply way of taking care of contractors. The company provides all of its employees with continuous technical and business training. Stable, experienced, and knowledgeable employees are a great asset to both Jackson Supply Company and its contractors. While Jackson Supply has become a large multi-state company, it has avoided the bureaucracy of most large distributors. Branch management has much more autonomy than other companies and is quite capable of making decisions at a local level.

In Summary

We, at Jackson Supply Company, are continually striving to reach the optimal combination of these key business components: strong contractor relationships, exceptional product availability, strategically placed locations, experienced & knowledgeable employees & financial success for our contractors and ourselves. Our goal is to be a better distributor today than we were yesterday, and a better distributor tomorrow than we are today.

We welcome you to “Come Grow With Us”!